Investor Information

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Desane’s Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRP”) was suspended by the Board on 20 February 2017, until further notice.

Eligible shareholders can still elect to participate in the DRP, pending a decision by the Board to recommence the DRP at some future date, by logging on to the Computershare Investor Centre or by completing a Dividend Reinvestment Plan election form.  A Dividend Reinvestment Plan election form can be obtained by contacting Computershare Investor Services by phone on 1300 556 161.  To view the Dividend Reinvestment Plan Information Booklet for Shareholders, please click here.

If the DRP is recommenced in the future, the ASX will be notified via an announcement lodged on the ASX Market Announcements Platform.  If the DRP is recommenced, shareholders who have elected to participate in the DRP will have dividends on some or all of their shares automatically reinvested in additional shares.

Shareholder Enquiries

The Desane Group Holdings Limited ASX Company Code is DGH.

Shareholders who have queries regarding their shareholding in Desane should contact Desane’s external share registrar at the following:

Computershare Investor Services Pty Ltd

Level 5
115 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Postal Address: GPO Box 2975, Melbourne VIC 3001
Telephone (Australia): 1300 556 161
Telephone (Overseas): +613 9415 4000
Facsimile (Australia): 1300 534 987
Facsimile (Overseas): +613 9473 2408

Managing your shareholding online

Click here to manage your Desane shareholding online.

By clicking on the above link you can:

  • Update your details with the share registrar online (ie. change address, enter your tax file  number);
  • Check information relating to your shareholding.

Shareholding Forms

Alternatively, you can download the following forms below:

Click here for more forms.

Please complete the appropriate form as per the instructions, print and post it to Desane’s share registrar.